Love to love Power up - black sleeve

Sheath of penis to extend the pleasure of the 2 partners.

Manufacturer: Love to love

SKU: LCS_6030974


Love love Power-up - sleeve black is a sheath for the rod.

His soft and very stretchy silicone material fits all sizes.The small pimple offer new sensations to both partners.Slight pressure on the penis allows to prolong erection and makes the Act even more intense.

This sheath is ideal to play 2 and experience new sensations.


Textured for more sexual pleasure penis sheath.It fits all sizes.

Directions for use:

Put the sheath around the yard.It improves the quality and duration of erection.Ideal during sex, it stimulates the 2 partners.


100% silicone.


1 sheath (length 5 cm - width 4 cm - weight 12g).