Local Otostan 15ml

Treatment acaricide galls - ears of the dog and the cat - Solution veterinarian
Manufacturer: Biocanina


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Local Otostan 15 ml

indications Treatment acaricide atrial galls of the dog and cat. Posology and method of administration Way. AtrialAfter cleaning of the external ear canal, instill a dozen drops of Otostan, and then massage the base of the ear for good penetration of the product.Repeat treatment every 2 days for a minimum period of 3 weeks. contraindications and precautions for use read the instructions carefully inside the box.cleaning of the ear canal with the MILK ATRIAL local prior to application of OTOSTAN allows:-mechanically eliminating much of the pathogens of disease-to get a better contact of the active principles with pathogens and the flue liner.