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Local knockout Tick

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new technology ecological without batteries K.O.Tick electrical clamp allows the destruction and removal of ticks on people and all animals.power without battery clamp K.O.TICK for the destruction and removal of ticks consists of a cylindrical body finished in its lower end by two half spheres which the part is movable relative to one another so that you can open on the body of the tick and imprison him inside the sphere when the two half spheres are in contact with the other.the mobile part of the clip is designed transparent plastic on the one hand to see how best to capture the tick within the sphere and other hand goods to we the opposite side of the body of the clamp that has Strip "pen" that extends the CAP, mobile push red, allowing the opening or the closing. "the upper part of the ticks clamp is completed by a Cape "pen"mobile with its bar "pen", along the axis of the main body of the clamp and which, when it is pressed from top to bottom we 4 mm. raises a small piezo-electronic igniter which burst year arc over the head of the tick, inside the sphere with the aim of destroying irreversibly its neurological system, hygiene and safety, very ecological way.elaborate autonomous resonators device which teams the ticks clamp is virtually program for year almost unlimited number of percussion and works without battery.the ergonomic form of the clamp to Electric ticks allows it to be transported easily in a Pocket, as any pen.

operating instructions1 Take the lighthouse-tick between thumb and finger, fingers being positioned on the notched release located towards the sphere at the bottom of the clamp, push mobile red facing you, Cape "pen" being positioned inside the Palm of the hand, so you can press or release the mobile button red through the index. "the clamp is designed to be used either right or left hand hand.2. open clamp, position the two half spheres open hand and other tick and release the Red mobile slider to close the clamp on the tick.3. In this position, exerting a light pressure downwards on the CAP "pen" the clip, towing it within the Palm of the hand with the thumb and finger, while the closed sphere that traps the tick is attached to the body of the animal, without effort, it triggers the piezo that will electrocute the tick within the sphere. "4 A slight circular movement from right to left (reverse of a clockwise) around the head of the then electrocuted tick, allows at this stage of the win easily with its rostrum of the skin on which it was fixed, still trapped inside the sphere, without any need to touch with your fingers, or risking losing it the ground gold in the hair of the animal.intensity that emerged the Resonators is zero and strictly safe system. It was felt by the animal, nor by the manipulator therefore what is exercised within the closed sphere and was calculated to be the only required value so that the tick is destroyed.operating tipsWe highly recommend that you disinfect the bites of ticks with antiseptic after their extraction from the skin of people or animals.never has a tick of the environment because the eggs it contains can hatch. The best way to get rid of a dead or live tick is to not press the tick between your fingers while it is still attached to the skin of animals because the toxic substances contained in it in his body would be injected into the body of the animal. So transmission of piroplasms of Piroplasmosis in dogs can take not handle a tick, even with your fingers, because ticks are all deadtoxic and infected.

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