Local Biophtal 100ml

Ideal solution for cleaning of the eyes and lashes of dogs and cats.

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Local Biophtal 100 ml


the eyes of dogs and cats are particularly sensitive to irritations of all origins: herbs, scratches, dust, infectious...Biophtal is the ideal solution for cleaning the eyes and lashes of dogs and cats.It releases dust and pollen before applying eye drops.It is also used for compresses and baths of the eye.

composition: 0.150 g sodium borate, boric acid 1 g, preservatives chloride 0.007 g, excipient fructose 100 ml isotonic solution at PH 7.3 use:

-irrigation: to remove the foreign matter (dust, pollen, etc.).run a few drops at the inner corner of the eye.

-compresses: to soften and remove secretions forming crusts or pus.Apply 2 or 3 times per day gas compresses impregnated with BIOPHTAL, keeping it if possible1 or 2 minutes.using tissues or cotton with fibers irritate the eye, is deprecated.

If the synptomes persist after 48 hours of treatment a consultation with the veterinarian is necessary.