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Lipamine Cholesterol - 30 bags

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SKU 7907849 Lipamine Cholesterol 30 sachets

Essential to life, cholesterol is a constituent of membranes surrounding cells. But in excess in the body, cholesterol is bad for the health. Indeed, the excess cholesterol tends to be deposited in the arteries and clogging. It is therefore essential to closely monitor its cholesterol.


Since 15 years, the Effi-Science Laboratory develops dietary supplements. Specializing in these treatments, it offers natural and effective solutions both in memory, the articular level and the level of cholesterol disorders.

, Lipamine Cholestrol Effi-Science is a dietary supplement intended for people wishing to get rid of their excess cholesterol.

This cholesterol-lowering supplement is part of an adapted regime. Rich in phosphatidylcholine, it promotes the proper functioning of the physiological mechanisms of circulation and elimination of cholesterol. In addition, rich in essential fatty acids, phosphatidylcholine helps balance the grease present in the body.

Day after day excess cholesterol reduced to no longer exist.

operating Lipamine Cholesterol tips:

Use daily dietary supplement. Swallowing the contents of a bag during dinner. This food supplement may be taken in a spoon or stirring food (salads, soups, yogurt,...)

This program lasts 2-3 months renewable.


This food supplement should not be taken in a varied and balanced diet substitute.

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

Not recommended for allergy sufferers soy, pregnant women or breastfeeding.

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