Lift'Argan 50ml Intense nourishing cream

Cream nourishing intense dry and very dry skin

Manufacturer: Natessance

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SKU: 9940006 lift'Argan cream 50ml Intense nourishing

description This nourishing to the voluptuous notes face cream wraps skin in a veil protector. - 4% oil and Argan oil of Palm's bio desert, rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 feeding the lipid to combat dehydration. barrier - Ceramides with argan patented: patented enzyme from argan oil. It enriches the intercellular cement in ceramides that dry skin synthesizes not enough large amount. -Pulp with organic argan rich in sugars and gulp of fresh water that it broadcasts continuously in the skin. -Active plant nutrient rich vegetable waxes, squalenes and unsaponifiable matter to enrich the hydrolipidic film and strengthen the barrier skin. use: Morning and/or evening, apply on face and neck cleaned.