Lierac Sunific Tan Starter Serum 125ml

Serum to give your body a fast, longlasting and intense tan.
Manufacturer: Lierac
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The Lierac Sunific Tan Starter Serum concentrated in orange citroflavonoids and fresh carrot cells is a serum which quickly activates the tanning process. It provides a quick, intense and prolonged tan for the face and body.

The jasmine extract in this formula improves cellular protection and makes skin more resistant to the sun. Fresh and rich in AHA fruits and beautifying roucou oils, monoi and apricot core oils, this serum hydrates and smooth skin texture. 

Skin is moisturised, smoothed, satin-soft and shows a natural summer glow.


Serum to quickly give you a fast, intense and prolonged tan.

Recommended Use:

Apply one to two times a day on the face and body as with your LIERAC Sunific Solaire Iridescent Mist 2 SPF15 150ml.

This serum does not protect your skin from UV rays.

Prepare the skin for tanning. Prolongs your tan.


Citroflavonoids Sweet Orange (5%), Fresh Carrot Cells (1%), Jasmine Extract (2%), Fruit Aha Smoothing, Moisturizing Bronzing Trio - Achiote Oil, Apricot Kernel And Vegetable Glycerin - (5%), Monoi Oil, Shea Butter.


1 x 125ml bottle.

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