LIERAC Sunific Tanning Duo Offer 2 x 30 Capsules

Food supplement with oil carrot to prepare the body for tanning. Learn more
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Lierac Sunific Capsules has created this dietary supplement containing:

  • Carrot oil for a sublime tan.

  • Selenium and Vitamin E to prepare the body tanning and help protect it against oxidative stress.

  • Borage Oil and olive oil to prolong the tan while and preserving the skin's suppleness.


Dietary supplements to prolong tan.

Recommended Use:

Take one capsule a day, 15 days before, during and after exposure to the sun. We also recommend to prolong your tan that you apply the Polysianes Self-Tanning Jelly 100ml.


Hypoallergenic and paraben-free.

For One Capsule.

.. 130.33mg Concentrated Carotenoid 

.. 90mg Carrot Oil

Beta-carotene From Red Algae (Vit A **:. 800 Mcg Re) -- 18.66mg 100% **

.. 16.67mg Tomato Oleoresin (Including Lycopene 1mg)

.. 1mg Concentrated Lutein. 

.. 5mg Extracts Of Rose Petals India

.. 10mg 80% Vitamin E

 .. 50mcg 90% Selenium

.. 50mg Olive Oil

.. 20mg Borage Oil.


1 x 30 tanning capsules.

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