Lierac Radiance Mask Vitamin-Enriched Fluid 50ml

Flash - bang smooth skin and signs of gummed fatigue
Manufacturer: Lierac


SKU 9828284

LIERAC mask shine 50 ml

Used for thousands of years for their many therapeutic and cosmetic virtues, clays are extremely rich in mineral salts and trace elements natural powder. There are different colors to the properties of specific Laboratoires LIERAC have selected the purest clay to offer a variation of a scrub and three masks in exquisite textures for a moment of relaxation and well being absolute, to choose according to the needs of his skin or his desires. radiance mask : formulated clay yellow detoxifying, toning and enriched with poppy and blood orange extracts, this treatment provides a shot of instant radiance. Orange cream-gel texture slightly Pearly in fresh and vibrant citrus notes, lifts the skin and gum signs of fatigue. Ideal for a beauty instant layout operating tips : apply thinly on dry skin, included eye. Let dry 1 minute then proceed to makeup. use morning or evening for an instant beauty development.