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LIERAC Hydra Chrono + generous balm Rehydrating 40ml

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SKU 9828321 Lierac Hydra Chrono + generous balm Rehydrating 40ml

A all ages, skin needs water to maintain its appearance: a well moisturized skin looks more beautiful, more balanced, more young with time and external aggressions (free radicals, pollution, temperature... variation), the skin dehydrates, becomes more dry, uncomfortable and is marked with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. hydration is a complex phenomenon that can be summed up as a stream of constant water from the DermIS to the epidermis. scientific advances recent s highlighted the existence and importance of specific structures involved in this journey of water. it's the water, channels number of 2 :-aquaporins, responsible for the transport of water from the deeper layers in the upper layers of the epidermis. -"tight junctions", capable of regulating the dissemination of water layers cornea. to reprogram the active transport of water in depth , LIERAC laboratories have developed a Resetter plant complex of hydration combining a natural amino acid to an extract of lily of the Valley of the capable supleer Japan and stimulate the 2 types of water channels of the skin. this complex is enriched with of NMF for strengthen the moisturizing action in surface. to protect the skin on a daily basis and preserve its youth capital an extract from water hyacinth Multi-Protecteur fight actively against environmental attacks (radicals, pollution, changes in temperature...) ultra balm fudge the captivating fragrances of rose, magnolia and enriched ylang-ylang extract of rose and cherry blossoms of japan for a skin nourished and comforted in depth. application Mode : apply morning and/or evening on the face. Their use constitutes a perfect make-up base. Rehydrating balm generous can also be punctually applied in a thick layer or to cure.

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