LIERAC Hydra-Body milk Sublime perfect hydration 200ml


SKU 9461524 LIERAC Hydra-Body milk 200 ml


The hydra-chrono range is a range of specially formulated for dry skin care. It meets the main need for this type of skin, nutrition. The first signs of dryness are many such as the tightness, tingling, or redness. They cause discomfort.

This soft pink milk fondant and smooth to soft and intensive notes of litchi, milk of almond and coconut vanilla enjoys a power hydrating long-lasting for 24 hours of comfort. The lipidic protective film on the skin is rebuilds and preserved, the epidermis is protected from external aggressions. Your skin is perfectly moisturized for 24 hours, revitalized and comforted. it find softness and flexibility every day.

Tips for using Hydra-Body milk:

Generously apply morning and/or evening on the whole body. The rapid penetration of milk allows to easily dress thereafter