Lierac Diotigel Eye Contour Gel DUO 2 x 10ml

gel puffiness with chamomile extract.
Manufacturer: Lierac


SKU 2655202

Lierac which reducing Gel pockets 2x10ml


Lierac which is a reducer gel pockets, visible under the eye contour. It is composed of a complex the Alchemilla, Ivy and horsetail, associated the chamomile extract to decongest the skin of the eye contour. Non-fatty, this care anti-poche improves the elasticity and tonicity of the sensitive skin. The pockets are blurred, and the look is bright.

Tips for using Lierac which:

apply which morning and evening. The tips of the fingers to penetrate the product by a slow and muscle massage. You can complete the application by some pressure.

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