Lierac Diopticerne Tinted and Clear Dark Circle Correcting Cream DUO 5ml

care concealer, lacquer and stain.
Manufacturer: Lierac


SKU 2655260

Lierac Diopticerne Correteur rings clear & tinted 2x5ml


Lacquer Diopticerne lacquer and Diopticerne

have a formula high tolerance concentrated in plant extracts (ruscus, arnica, jewel and micro-algae) to meet the sensitive area of the outline of the eye. it acts on dark blue circles and Brown rings. Stain care clears all traces from the first application.

Tips for using Lierac Diopticerne:

Apply a light massages, morning and/or evening. Start the implementation of the product at the inner corner of the eye, then follow the route of the ring several times. Then, with the index and middle, strum very lightly on the same route to stimulate circulation and get penetrate into the cream.

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