Lero Specifiance box of 60 capsules dose


SKU: 7864353 Lero Specifiance box of 60 capsules dose indications: Care of protection of SENSITIVE or skin IRRITEES for harm reduction: . external aggressions: cold, sun, pollution, . reloaned (sea or swimming pool), calcareous water, . mechanical irritations: fire of the shaver for man, peeling. . contact... products Its moisturizing, soothing and protective action allows to regulate the reactivity of the skin, to rehydrate the outer layers of the epidermis, while ensuring the reconstruction of the specific links between cell membranes essential for good cohesion of epidermis. the skin becomes supple and satiny. Texture light, quickly absorbed, non-greasy, leaves no traces. operating tips: locally apply 1 to 2 capsules dose of serum per day . To open the unidose capsule, turn 2 times the butterfly. . 1 capsule allows you to cover the face and neck. Do not swallow. Composition: Borage Oil 6%, 3.7%, vitamin blackcurrant seed oil was 0.10%, vitamin E 0.10%, vegetable ceramides 0.01%