Labophyto Maxivolum 60 capsules

Helps to increase sperm volume and promote normal spermatogenesis.

Manufacturer: Labophyto

SKU: LCS_1491908


MaxiVolum of Labophyto is a 30 day program that improves the quantity and quality of sperm. Its optimized formula allows to ejaculate more extensively and more often.

This dietary supplement is for men over 50 who reduced spermatogenesis can reach 40%, men with multiple reports as well as to the men who want to have children:

Saffron helps to increase sperm volume.

Selenium promotes normal spermatogenesis, and Astragalus stimulates motility of sperm.

Maca stimulates sexual desire.

Zinc helps maintain testosterone levels in the blood.

MaxiVolum of Labophyto also contains carnitine and taurine, to help search the batteries more quickly.

Made in France.

Box of 60 capsules.


maca extract, L-Carnitine, Taurine, extract of astragalus, extract of Saffron, vitamin E, yeast nerichie oxide of Zinc, vitamins B5 and B12, selenium, anti-agglomerating: magnesium stereate, vegetable capsule.