La Roche Posay Surfin Facial Scrub 50ml

Of ultra fine particles for smooth, soft skin.

Manufacturer: La Roche Posay

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SKU: 4892314 la Roche Posay scrub 50ml physiological Surfin'

Like all others, sensitive skin has also need to clean up and get rid of sebum, impurities and dead cells accumulated in its surface that the undermine and tarnish. but because their physiology and their barrier function must be scrupulously respected, so it's a scrub on measure whose sensitive skin were needed. with his scrub Surfin physiologic , La Roche Posay offers a targeted response both purifying, resurfacing, and respectful of their balance. selected for their efficacy and their safety, so these are ultrafine particles that load to the household in depth but all in sweetness. dragged into a gel and slippery, texture they are even softer to limit friction and possible irritations. Of a high rincabilite this fondant gel can be eliminated in addition perfectly water bringing with him all Exfoliating particles has these particles are associated cleaners assets from the formulation of the eyedrops, and course of the thermal water of La Roche Posay to ensure a clean surface any tolerance. smooth, clean and fresh, the skin is purified and its physiological balance is intact. The art of making new skin smooth!