L & R Dorsamix 26cm belt lumbar support T3 black-green Velpeau R2026 LPP

Lumbar support belt
Manufacturer: Lohmann & Rauscher


SKU 6056272 L&R Dorsamix 26Cm Ceinture De Soutien Lombaire T3 Noir-Vert Velpeau R2026 Lpp


Lumbar support 21 and 26 cm belt. Opening and closing facilitated by past hands "Velpeau lock. 2 elastic restraining straps to ensure a good lumbar support according to the degree of activity pratique.1


back pain (back pain), including acute.


Good abdominal height. Light and airy fabric supporting the evacuation of the sueur1. 3D knitting with four rigid whale backsplash. Contains LaTeX.


Under box

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