L'Oréal Care & Styling Majirel Colouration Irisdescent Ashes N.21 50ml

Coloureation Cream offers a wide variety of shades and a perfect coverage of white hair.

Manufacturer: L'Oreal Care & Styling

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SKU: 3658656


The Majirel Iridescent Iridescent Color No. 21 50ml from L'Oréal Care & Styling is a cream color that gives your hair a rich and intense colour. It acts thoroughly and effectively to hide white hair.

After each coloring with the Majirel Iridescent Ashes No. 21 50ml, your hair is left protected and sleek!


Colouration cream.

Directions for use

  • Covers 100% of white hairs.
  • Mixture: 1 dose 50 ML + 75 ML of oxidant.
  • Break time: 35 minutes
Read the instructions for use in the box.


Refer to the composition on the packaging.


1x Tube of 50ml.