Klorane Soothing and Relaxing Eye Patches 14 Patches

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Klorane Soothing and Relaxing Eye Patches soothe and relieve tired eyes, reducing the effects of fatigue and stress allowing you a moment of relaxation. They bring a rapid and lasting appeasement for a more rested, more relaxed look in a few minutes. Eye contour care.


Relaxing, calming eye patches for tired eyes

Directions for use:

Remove the white protective film and apply the patch without pressing the lower contour of the eye. Leave to act for 20 minutes. Carefully remove the patch starting from the outer corner of l 'eye. Complement action by tapping lightly of the fingertips that area. Use in cure (morning or evening) for 7 to 14 days or on time for a quick beauty development.


Extracts of Blueberry, Chamomile and Arnica. Tested under eye control. Preservative and fragrance free.


Box of patches


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H. Henry
  the 06/02/2017
5/ 5
My wife thinks this is uniquely wonderful and can't understand why it is no longer available in the UK.