Klorane wipes cleansing Apaisantes to Blueberry Lot of 2 x 25 wipes

Make-up removing wipes to Blueberry for gently cleansing the face and sensitive eyes.
Manufacturer: Klorane
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SKU 2565172 Klorane wipes biodegradable cleansing Lot 2 x 25 wipes


The Klorane laboratory offers the Wipes biodegradable cleansing in soothing Blueberry. These wipes are adapted to the face and even carrying sensitive eyes from sensitive eyes because they do contain parabens or fragrance and not alcohol.

Ideal trip, these wipes dmaquillent smoothly and in depth without rinsing. They eliminate a single gesture the makeup of the face, lips and eyes.

, Their texture leaves a sensation of freshness on the skin.

Biodegradable, they are respectful of the environment.

Klorane wipes biodegradable operating tips:

Daily use wipes the evening and/or morning with day cream to remove make-up and impurities from the face and eyes.

Rinsing is not required.


Tested under control dermatoloqique and eye wipes.

Product without paraben, alcohol or perfume.