Klorane Baby Fragrant Water 50ml + Teddy

Alcohol-free fragrant water for baby freshness. Delightful, soft fragrance perfectly suited to baby skin.
Manufacturer: Klorane


SKU 7505335


The Klorane Baby Fragrant Water 50ml + Teddy is the perfect set for your little one. Containing one Fragant Water and one Small Teddy, your little one has a new cuddle buddy, to soothe and calm at any moment of the day and a fragrance of natural baby freshness.

Fragrant Water: This fragrant water has been specially designed by Klorane with natural essences to specifically suit babies' olfactory senses. This fragrant water opens their senses up to a world of scents as they become acustom to different fragrances. With its gentle neroli, orange flower and honeysuckle fragrance, your baby can develop a sense of smell and embrace new and divine fragrances. This flowery aroma is alcohol-free and so provides no damage to the babies' hydrolipidic film protecting their skin.

Klorane have also designed this fragrance with calendula, a plant extract used in many of their products. It is obtained from its dried calyxes, which are rich in carotenoids. Calendula is known for its use in soothing and relieving skin, adding to its effectiveness in providing baby-soft, smooth skin.

This set also comes with a soft cuddly teddy. It can be the buddy that every little one loves to cuddle. Helps to soothe and calm any moment of the day.

Hypoallergenic and tested under paediatric control, this is a gentle product for a baby-fresh fragrance.

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Hypoallergenic and tested under paediatric control.

Fragrant water for baby freshness to introduce their olfactory senses to new fragrances.

Recommended Use:

Spray 1 to 2 sprays around your baby. Do not spray too close to skin. Do not spray near the face.


Aqua, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Parfum (Fragrance), Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol.


Fragrant water 50ml.

Small teddy.