Klorane baby cream Nutritive 125ml

Nutritive cream for baby, dry to very dry skin. 125 ml.

Manufacturer: Klorane

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Nourishing and protective, nutritional Cream Cold cream rebalances the skin in water and sebum.Its formula is suitable in case of hypersensitivity to dry skin, to the edges of the mouth irritation, chapping.Camelina oil generates an intense and long-lasting nutrition. Glycol humectant allows sustainable hydration. The cold cream strengthens the protection and calm the redness associated with external aggression. Calendula extract protects, soothes and repairs. The texture of the cream facilitates the spreading and penetration. This cream leaves the skin soft, smooth, protected and delicately scented.

This product is free of parabens and alcohol. It is hypoallergenic and teste Pediatric controlled.


The Klorane cream cold cream is indicated for intensely nourish dry or very dry skin infant and the baby, face, hands or level in the case of milk or chapping crusts.

Directions for use:

The formula is suitable for everyday use in the infant and the baby. Apply to clean, dry skin. Renew frequently.

For Cradle: apply on the affected area of the scalp, leave overnight and do a gentle shampoo the next day.


Aqua, Glycerin, Petrolatum, Tridocosahexaenoate Stearate, PEG-12, Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Cyclomethicone, Stearic Acid, Camelina Sativa, Calendula Officinalis, Cera Alba, BHT, Carbomer, Cetyl Alcohol, Parfum (Fragrance), Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Triethanolamine.


125 ml tube.