Katadyn Micropur Forte MF 100F 10ml

Biocidal product which allows you to disinfect water.

Manufacturer: Katadyn



SKU: 7739085


Micropur Forte MF 100F Katadyn has been designed with disinfection fast and efficient clear water with the chlorine contained in it. It eliminates bacteria and viruses in half an hour and the amoebae and Giardia in 2 hours.

Formula silver ions help keep drinking water up to 6 months: they stop any bacterial proliferation.

The format of the bottle is ideal to be carried in your travel bag, or even in your toiletries Kit if you are in a country where it is for example necessary to disinfect water for brushing your teeth safely.

This product can be used in addition to a filter in turbid waters.


Biocidal product.

Directions for use:

To use in plastic or glass. Test the metal containers before use.

Dosage: 1 ml to 10l.


  • Use with caution.
  • Prior to use, read the label and product information.
  • Keep standing and dry in original, tightly closed container in a place at temperature below 25 ° C.


Chlorine. Silver ions.


A bottle of 10ml.