Juvamine Sublime Tan 60 Capsules

Essential capsules for a sublime tan.

Manufacturer: Juvamine

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The copper content helps the pigmentation of the skin. The vitamin C and E and selenium help to protect cells against oxidative stress caused by UV rays. The zinc helps maintain normal skin, which can be easily damaged by sun exposure.


These tanning capsules do not protect your skin from the sun.

For sun protection, we recommended the Nuxe Sun Protection Cream Set.

Recommended Use:

Take 2 capsules per day. Start taking 2 weeks before and continue taking during exposure to the sun.


Beta Carotene (100%) .. 4.8mg

Vitamin C (100%) .. 60mg

Vitamin E (100%) .. 10mg

Zinc (100%) ..15mg

Copper .. 1mg

Selenium .. 49.8g

Essential Fatty Acids .. 264mg (from Grape Seeds and Borage Oil)

Gamma-linolenic Acid ..  7.2mg (from Borage Oil).


60 capsules.