Juvamine - Infusion Bio - Digestion 20 sachets


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Digestion infusion brings gourmet flavors and ingredients of biological origin for a true moment of pleasure. This infusion integrates ten plant extracts.

Rhubarb, liquorice and Mallow contribute to digestive comfort.Chicory supports the health of the liver.The artichoke is involved in the elimination of the body function.The star anise and the marshmallow helps the normal functioning of the intestine.Elderberry participate in the excretory functions of the kidneys.Rooibos is a plant from South Africa to the sweet flavor.The coolness of the Apple, added to the roundness of the fig provides a generous and gourmand perfume.

Using advice:

To render the authentic taste of the Juvamine Bio infusions, pour simmering water on a bag and let infuse for 4 minutes before serving. Start by 1 sachet per day and increase to 2 or 3 packets if the need arises.

Do not exceed 8 to 10 continuous days of taking. Do not use in children, pregnant and nursing women. People with hypertension should avoid any excessive consumption.Do not swallow a daily dose of greater than 100mg glycyrrhizinique acid.

Should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children and away from heat and moisture.


Chicory * (root): 40%, rhubarb * (root): 23.3%, licorice * (root): 13.3%, natural aromas: 7.3%, rooibos * (sheet): 6.7%, purple * (sheet): 2.5%, elderberry * (flower): 2%, artichoke * (sheet): 1.5%, Marshmallow * (sheet): 1.5%, badiane * (fruit): 1%, fig * (fruit): 1%.* Ingredients of agricultural origin obtained according to the rules of organic production. Product of organic farming EU / non EU.

For 1 packet:

Chicory (root)... 600 mgRhubarb (root)... 350 mgLicorice (root)... 200 mgRooibos (sheet)... 100 mgMauve (sheet)... 37.5 mgElderberry (flower)... 30 mgArtichoke (sheet)... 22.5 mgMarshmallow (leaf)... 22.5 mgStar anise (Fruit)... 15 mgFig (Fruit)... 15 mg


Box of 20 sachets