Juvamine CelliSlim 4-Action Slimming Cocktail 14 Sticks

4 slimming action dietary supplement to burn, drain, tone and get rid of fat.

Manufacturer: Juvamine

SKU: 2071042


This slimming dietary supplement from Juvamine has a combined 4-action slimming effect, based on 5 natural active ingredients:

  • Cherry stalk: usually used for its fat removal properties
  • Maté leaves: help to control your weight and help the organism in cells to eliminate fatty acids
  • Ash: contributes to weight loss when taken as part of a balanced diet as well as the removal of fatty acids
  • Rosehip: natural source of anti-oxidants
  • Green tea: has a key role in controling body weight

These slimming sticks are so easy to take! 

Take them everywhere with you. They're so tasty with an irrestistible red fruit taste.

Made to be diluted with. Easy to dilute in 1L of water: dissolve in a large bottle of 1L or two small bottles of 500ml to take everywhere with you and drink throughout the day.

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Dietary supplement to be consumed as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Recommended Use:

Shake the sachet before use. Take 1 stick per day to dilute in 1L of water (1 bottle of 1L or 2 bottles of 500ml) and drink throughout the day.

Take another if necessary. Do not take more than 300mg per day. Do not take outside of meal times. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Do not substitute for any meals - it is to be taken as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.



Citric Acid

Red Fruit Flavor

Apple Pectin .. 6%

Cherry Stem Dry Extract .. 3.7%


Dry Tea Extract Pure Earth  .. 2%

Sweeteners: Acesulfame Potassium

Extract Dry Mate Leaves .. 1%

Anti-Caking Agent: Colloidal Silicon Dioxide

Dry Ash Leaves Extract .. 0.7%

Dry Rosehip Extract .. 0.7%

- Without sugar or plant extracts.


14 sticks.