Juvamine Detox Infusion 20 Sachets

Indulge with this delicious organic lime detox infusion from Juvamine.
Manufacturer: Juvamine


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Labs Juvamine Bio selected ingredients from organic agriculture for their Detox Infusion. Queen of the Meadows is traditionally used in elimination of the body functions and supports the excretory functions of the kidneys. Birch and elderberries support the excretory functions of the kidney. Dandelion and Hibiscus contribute to elimination of the body functions. Green tea helps the fat oxidation.

Operating tips:

To render the taste authentic l 'infusion Detox Bio Juvamine laboratories, pour l' simmering water over one teabag and leave to infuse for 4 minutes before serving. Consume 1 to 4 packets per day. Do not consume on an empty stomach.


Meadowsweet (flowering aerial parts) *: 54%, China green tea (leaf) *: 20%, Birch (leaf) *: 5%, Hibiscus (flower) *: 5%, Orthosiphon (leafy stem) *: 3%, elderberry (Bay) *: 3%, dandelion (root) *: 3%, black currant (fruit) *: 3%, natural lemon flavour.


20 sachets