Intimy Prolonged Pleasure Condoms 6 Pack

6 lubricated condoms for prolonged sexual pleasure. 

Manufacturer: Intimy

SKU: 0960437


The Intimy Prolonged Pleasure Condoms 6 Pack from Intimy are designed for prolonged sexual pleasure during intercourse. Containing no chemicals, they have a natural effect delaying ejaculation and climax. They are ideal for those who wish to extend their sexual pleasure and last longer. Well-lubricated and of excellent quality, these condoms ensure optimal safety and comfort during sex. The latex is created from natural rubber and has a smooth surface making for a true rush of pleasure for the senses. These condoms also has a pleasing light scent to give you a true moment of pleasure during sex.

Intimy condoms have been tested under electronic controls. They also conform to current European norms and regulations.

Intimy from Juva Santé offer a large choice of condoms, lubricants and massage gels.

These high quality products are specially created to ignite your desire and enhance your sexual pleasure.


Pleasurable latex condom for enhanced pleasure and safer sex.

Recommended Use:

Put on penis as like standard condoms. Put on carefully and ensure that no tears occur before engaging in sexual intercourse.Please note: no method of contraception provides 100% certainty of prevention of pregnancy or protection against Sexual Trasmitted Infections (STIs). 

Single use only. Do not reuse (risk of tearing, bacterial contamination and infections as well as reduced contraceptive effect). Store in a cool and dry place away from direct light.

Keep out of reach of children.


Pure latex processed from natural rubber. 


6 condoms (Average length: 190mm (not including reservoir); Average width: 53mm).