Innoxa 5g Brown eyebrow pencil


SKU 9021403 Innoxa Brown eyebrow pencil


The INNOXA eyebrow pencils are the perfect tools to dress up make the decidedly more intense gaze. They are shaped eyebrows, smooth them and redraws them in 1 single step, while promising a faultless outfit throughout the day. Thanks earmolds 3, they give a natural or more sophisticated effect. Their 2 pencil tips allow a precise and clear line for long fixation lasting color, while the tip comb will format and comb for a more intense look.

Directions for use:

Use the tip comb to shape eyebrows before applying the colored mine to redraw them. Then use the fixatrice mine to fix the color and intensity.


Paraben, without phenoxyethanol tested under eye control in subjects in the eyes sensitive and/or carriers of lenses.