Imedeen Time Perfection 60 tablets

dietary supplement which helps to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles and fine lines while enhancing the quality and hydration of the skin
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SKU 7696921 Imedeen Time Perfection 60 tablets


After 40 years, fine wrinkles may appear around the eyes and mouth as the skin begins to dehydrate. Freckles, brown spots or thin veins may appear. A few blood capillaries can also become visible. At the level of the dermis, the support network begins to degrade. The skin's ability to retain the moisture is reduced.Imedeen Time Perfection 60 tablets is a dietary supplement with:-Complex sailor,-LycoPhence high GS: tomato, extract, Grapeseed extract, vitamin C, zinc.These ingredients act synergistically to:-reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines,-help to improve the quality of the skin and moisture,-make the skin of the face and body softer, smoother, more flexible,-help protect cells against oxidative stress (vitamin C and zinc),-contribute to the normal formation of collagen (vitamin C).Imedeen is inside to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help to improve the quality and the hydration of the skin in women over 40 years.

Using advice:

2 tablets per day to be taken preferably during a meal.Take 12 weeks at least.


The beauty of the skin. Women over 40 years.