Hyfac shaving cream skin 150ml

Dermatological shaving foam for young and oily skin problems.

Manufacturer: Hyfac

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SKU: 7438171 Hyfac shaving cream skin 150ml


The Hyfac brand has developed a dermatological shaving foam .

This foam does not attack the skin because its pH is physiological. Therefore, the skin is not irritated when shaving.

It helps to gently shave the oily or young people with problems. So the skin is hydrated while being comfortable and soft. She is relaxed.

It eases the pain of the razor when shaving.

Tips for using Hyfac shave dermatological Mousse:

Wet your face with warm water. Then stir before use. Spray the foam directly on the face. Practice gently massage the face with foam. Finally shave and rinse thoroughly.