Hydralin lubricant 50ml Airless bottle

Lubricates and moisturizes - hypoallergenic paraben

Manufacturer: Hydralin



SKU: 9767588 Hydralin lubricant 50 ml Airless bottle

Overview : vaginal dryness may be linked to many factors :-oral contraceptive or other hormonal therapy, -vaginal atrophy in perimenopause or menopause. -Suite of pregnancy or surgical procedures, episiotomy. -vaginitis. -Fatigue. passenger it often translates into a dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse) or genes, discomfort respondents. Hydralin lubricant is not a treating , if persistent vaginal dryness, consult a physician. operating instructions : where vaginal dryness causes discomfort or pain sensations apply Hydralin Lubricant on the mucosa and the entrance to the vagina.