Hydralin 400ml Gin

Cleansing gel to relieve irritation of the intimate area.

Manufacturer: Hydralin



SKU: 9686878


Regular use intimate hygiene treatment for use to calm irritation such as those caused by tight clothing, use of over-aggressive sopas and other issues relating to the vaginal lining.Hydralin Gin is long-lasting and helps relieve irritation quickly (up to 12 hours).The formula calm irritation in your intimate area thanks to:-Glycine: amino acid known for its calming properties-Alkaline pH: fights against excess acidity favourable for the development of Candida albicans.


Cleanser for intimate hygiene.

Recommended Use:

For external use. Hydralin is year Gyn intimate hygiene solution for use when cleansing one's intimate area. Rinse thoroughly with water after application.


Contains amino acid, Glyocell, for its special soothing properties.No. parabens, soap, dyes or preservatives.


400ml bottle.