Hydralin 200ml Gin

Helps relieve irritations of the intimate area

Manufacturer: Hydralin



SKU: 9686861 Hydralin 200 ml Gin

Description:care of hygiene for one-time use, used to soothe irritations including due to wearing clothes too tight, to the use of aggressive soaps and intimate areas to land mycotic. disordersHydralin Gyn helps relieve quickly and lasting (up to 12 hours) irritation.his formula works to calm the irritation of the intimate area through:-to the Glycine: amino acid known for its calming properties-to its alkaline pH: fight against excess acidity favourable to the development of Candida albicansParaben - soap - without dye - preservative-freeoperating instructions :externally, Hydralin Gin is year intimate hygiene solution, to use as a detergent when hygiene. Rinse thoroughly with water after application.packaging:bottle 200 ml