Hartmann Thermoval Kids Flex Digital thermometer

Digital thermometer waterproof with signal sound, especially suitable for babies.

Manufacturer: Hartmann



SKU: 4682172


The digital thermometer Thermoval Kids Flex from Hartmann laboratories is a super-fast digital thermometer especially adapted for temperature taking of babies and children, oral, axillary or rectal way. The temperature is displayed on the digital screen after 10 seconds. A beep tells you when the measurement is completed. This thermometer is waterproof and disinfectable. It keeps in memory the last temperature measured so you can easily compare with the new temperature. In addition, it has a flexible tip that prevents your baby to feel a any discomfort or pain. This thermometer is the ideal device for parents who want the maximum of comfort and reliability for their baby.


Suitable for babies and children.

Directions for use:

Rectal measurement: 10 to 15 seconds, oral measurement: 10 to 30 seconds, axillary measurement 10 to 40 seconds.


A digital thermometer for children.