Hartmann Thermoval Duo Scan


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Hartmann Thermoval Duo Scan


This thermometer allows two methods of measurement: measuring atrial front gold.
speed thanks to infrared technology, its high precision and its safeguarding of the last measured value make it a very reliable thermometer.


Ear and forehead thermometer.

Operating tips:

Measuring atrial:
Hold the led ear by slightly pulling the center of the ear.
Insert the tip of the thermometer and measure the temperature by pressing the \"scan\" button. "
After a second, a signal sounds and the value is displayed.

forehead measurement:
place the appliance on the front. Then press 'scan' and scan by sliding the front at temples.
After three seconds, a beep will sound, and the value is displayed.

Use easy.
Ergonomic Design with a large bright display.
Storage Box convenient for the appliance and the cleaning wipes
No. need for plastic probe protection.


1 thermometer.

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