Happy diapers baby T5 10 layers

Diapers from 12 to 25 kg.

Manufacturer: Happy

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T5 Happy baby diapers are designed specifically for the greater comfort of babies and their fragile and sensitive skin.

They are equipped with a rear elastic to the size to adapt to the morphology of the baby, as well as a large multi-repositionable elastic fasteners for optimum fit.

The high side rails with double elastic layers baby Happy ensure protection against the unbeatable leakage. The non woven material allows quick absorption of skin dry and healthy urine. Contained in diapers baby Happy green tea extracts have antibacterial properties and neutralize odors.

Breathable, they let in the air; latex-free and chlorine-free diapers baby T5 Happy provide better skin tolerance.

  • Size 5 (12 to 25 kg)