Gynophilus vaginal Capsule box 14

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SKU: 7785027 Gynophilus vaginal Capsule box 14

Gynophilus properties

Of the vaginal flora imbalance is the cause of some itching, unpleasant odours, greater losses, Burns, perineal discomfort, irritation.Thanks to its totally natural constituents, Gynophilus rebalances the vaginal flora. Gynophilus also exists in local treatment: Gynophilus vaginal tablets lp

Gynophilus operating tips

  • 1 intravaginal capsule 2 times/day in the phase of attack for 7 days.
  • It is used generally: relay of local antibiotic treatment or against fungal diseases, at the same time of oral treatment.
  • 1 intravaginal capsule 1 time/day in maintenance 14 days.
  • Renew if necessary


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P. Katarina
  the 25/10/2017
5/ 5
The best product there is for wounds and healing. It was prescribed to me by my doctor. Excellent.