Gum Technique Toothbrush for Kids 10 Years +

Better grip with longer neck for your kid's pearly whites. 

Manufacturer: Gum

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SKU: 7796835


The Gum Technique Toothbrush is specially designed to help kids get in a healthy rhythm to take daily care of their teeth. This toothbrush is designed with new features including:- Longer and thinner handle to help reach the back teeth.- Thumb grip on handle for better control.- Feathered bristles to help thoroughly remove plaque from the surface and in between teeth.- Hygiene cap to keep your brush. - Bristles split to reach into and clean fissures to combat against cavities forming.Discover more products from the Gum Butler range here.


Toothbrush suitable for children aged 10 years and up.

Recommended Use:

Use as a regular toothbrush or according to the advice of your dentist.


1 children's toothbrush. Hygiene cap included.