Gum Activital Medium Toothbrush 1583 DUO Pack

Medium toothbrush to clean and protect your teeth.

Manufacturer: Gum Butler

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Gum have a large range of oral care products popular in Europe and America. They create toothbrushes, dental floss brushes.

The Activital Medium toothbrush gently and effectively eliminates plaque and protects gums against gingivitis.

This toothbrush has many advantages allowing these:

  • Bristles and micro-bristles that adjust perfectly to the contour of the teeth,

  • Compact and ultra-slim head that allows it to be effective in all areas of the mouth,

  • Ergonomic handle that allows to perfectly control brushing.

Your teeth are left both cleaned and protected.

In addition, the cap supplied with the brush helps protect against bacteria.


Medium toothbrushes created to combat plaque and gingivitis.

Recommended Use:

Brush your teeth regularly. It is recommended to brush your teeth 2 times per day for 2 minutes.

After brushing, wash the toothbrush and replace the cap.

Toothbrush must be changed approximately every 3 months.


2 Activital Medium toothbrushes.