Guigoz 1st Age Milk Thickened Formula 800g

Guigoz 1st age milk with a thickened formula to prevent regurgitation.

Manufacturer: Guigoz

SKU: 9933957 Guigoz 1st Age Milk Thickened Formula  is a powdered milk suitable for feeding your baby from 6 months of age. Its formula thickened with starch provides a viscosity that helps reduce small physiological discharges, colic, bloating or constipation. 
Guigoz Milk has a high starch content, develops a stable and homogeneous viscosity which limits the phenomenon of physiological rejections of milk. A specific mixture of lipids (structured lipids) are known to participate in a better availability of calcium and to limit hard stools.
This Guigoz milk contains the right dose of protein essential for the growth of your baby, with iron, essential fatty acids and vitamins.