Gravel Gel bath and shower with donkey milk + oils essential 500 ml

Donkey's milk is known for thousands of years for its exceptional virtues.

Manufacturer: Gravier

SKU: LCS_0067002


A remarkable, very close to that of human milk composition, donkey's milk was already considered by ancient peoples as an excellent remedy to soothe all sorts of evils. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, it is also recognized as being a natural, revitaliseur and regenerative skin tensor. Cleopatra Queen of Egypt, was the first to highlight the virtues of donkey milk. According to legend, she took baths in donkey's milk to keep your skin young and beautiful. Then, throughout the centuries, the most refined women used it to preserve the softness and brightness of their skin.

The gravel laboratory has developed a range of cosmetic products to enjoy the benefits of donkey milk : SOAP, gel bath & shower, shampoo, body milk cream day. This bath and shower Gel in the backrooms gravel donkey milk has been developed for use both in the shower than a bath. Combining exceptional the donkey to the aloe vera milk and properties formulated with a surfactant (foaming agents) selected for their softness, it is ideal for daily use, by the whole family (with the exception of babies, for which it is advisable to use specific products). This foaming gel has a very concentrated formula; a nutty enough so to wash from head to feet. Scented with essential oils, this bath and shower Gel in the backrooms gravel donkey milk leaves Delicately scented skin, as well as a feeling of softness.


Water, surface-active non sulphates (derived from vegetable oils or sugar), plant-derived emollient agent of plant origin, organic aloe vera juice *, organic donkey milk * (equivalent 10% fresh), organic vegetable Glycerin *, organic 100% essential oils fragrance *, conservatives allowed by the specifications of organic cosmetics - ecological Nature & progress, acid citric (correction of pH) of natural origin, salt. * from organic ingredient. * substance naturally contained in the essential oils.