Grater manual Pedicure

Grater pedicure with double-sided for you allow a better exfoliage of your feet with a neoprene face and a smoothing face.

Manufacturer: Lysse Cosmetics

SKU: 6016068


Grater Pedicure manual allows you to exfoliate your feet effectively but in all sweetness. Indeed, this RASP has a round anti-slip for action States and a better control of the tool. Find 2 sides on the grater for a full pedicure: neoprene face allows you to grind your feet slightly and you get rid of main calluses. The second face, smoothing, can soften the skin and so to finish your pedicure with precision.


Grate dedicure to allow you to exfoliate your feet.

Directions for use:

Use once a week on feet clean and dry.Rubbing calluses gently, starting with the face most neoprene.Finish by smoothing face to soften your skin.Clean the grater under warm water and let dry it.


Grater grating double sided with one side and one side smoothing.


1 grater double face random color.