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Gillette Venus & Olaz

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SKU 1808915 Gillette Venus & Olaz

Razors have evolved considerably these last years. The razors Gillette Venus perfectly wax your legs and preserves the hydration of your skin.


A daily shaving can dry out your skin. The Shaver rechargeable Venus & Olaz Gillette, razed in a single gesture and retains moisture to your skin. The shaving heads are enriched with moisturizing agents.

Care bars Olaz helps retain moisture to your skin to reduce feelings of dryness and 5 Venus blades give you a shave close.
handle non-slip soft for a comfortable grip.

Your skin is soft, smooth and well-hydrated.

Venus & Olaz Shaver Rechargeable operating tips:

Mouilez your skin 2-3 minutes in hot water to soften the hairs. Switch the Shaver under water to enable the care Olaz. Thus, they release a lightweight foam that facilitates razor glide. Need more gel shaving.
consider replacing the blade when the Olaz care bars are worn or the blades begin to dull.
leave your Shaver in the shower bracket so that it dries between each use.

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