Gerimax Active Energy 90 Tablets

Ginseng, vitamin and mineral supplement which works to reduce physical and intellectual fatigue.

Manufacturer: Gerimax

SKU: 7745447


Gerimax Active Energy 90 Tablets are a dietary supplement containing a specially selected blend of vitamins, minerals and ginseng, which work to stimulate the body and mind, reducing physical and mental fatigue. Each GERIMAX Tablet provides 85 mg of ginseng GGE, a natural stimulant which is proven to improve our physical and intellectual capacities. Also contains green tea, and a mix of 11 vitamins and 8 minerals, which provides the essential nutrients our body needs to function and keep going. Contains magnesium, which works effectively to restore our energy levels and balance.


Vitamin, mineral and ginseng supplement for reducing mental and physical fatigue.

Directions for use

Take 1 tablet per day, in the morning or at noon. To reap the best benefits of GERIMAX, it is recommended to take for a period of 30 to 60 continuous days. 

This is not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. 

Not recommended for children or pregnant women. 


Per tablet: 

  • standardised ginseng extract GGE.. 85 mg
  • green tea extract.. 37.2 mg 
  • vitamin A.. 800g
  • vitamin B1.. 1.4 mg
  • vitamin B2.. 1.6 mg
  • nicotinamide.. 18 mg
  • pantothenic acid.. 6 mg
  • vitamin B6.. 2 mg
  • folic acid.. 200 g
  • vitamin B12.. 1g
  • vitamin D.. 5g
  • vitamin C.. 60 mg
  • vitamin E.. 10 mg 
  • magnesium.. 250 mg 
  • zinc.. 15 mg
  • iron.. 10 mg
  • manganese.. 2.5 mg
  • copper.. 2 mg
  • selenium.. 50 g
  • molybdenum.. 45 g
  • chrome.. 25 g