Garancia Abracadabaume Perfect Illusion 12g

Fixed active wrinkles and pores, dilated immediate outcome
Manufacturer: Garancia
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Garancia Abracadabaume Perfect Illusion 12 g

Overview :inspired by the observation of nature and specifically fireflies able to absorb light and the reissue, ABRACADABAUME Perfect Illusion is 1 beauty care creative light, incredibly magical...It combines NaturelextraLightX3, active microencapsulated that will reduce the appearance of your wrinkles and pores, optically with sandalwood powder Willow bark silver and clay powers, astringent matifying and regenerating.Abracadabra, wrinkles and pores disappear!operating tips :is used, in very small quantities, preferably after his bottom, complexion morning and touch-ups during the day however base makeup.Penetrate this balm we targeted areas (wrinkles, pores, dark circles) by tapping and light smoothing.