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Galénic Nectalys cream velvet Hydra-energizing SPF15 50ml jar dry skin

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SKU 4848170 Galénic Nectalys cream velvet Hydra-E nergisante SPF15 skins dry Pot 50 ml

indications: hydra-energizing Cream essential. fruit nectar Limber, smooth, moisturizes, protects, wakes up the glow. dry Skin.

An original formula that provides the skin continuously vitamins, nutrients and minerals from the essential nectar of fruit, source of vital energy and brightness.

INNOVATION: for the 1st time, the micro-cellular nutrition for re - energize tired skin and smooth the 1st signs of age.

The essential fruit nectar is an extract 100% natural and unique three fruits of the Sun - Tangerine, fig and fishing - selected for their exceptional content in essential elements vital, particularly assimilated by the skin. It recharges cell essential micronutrients and provides the skin with vital energy it needs daily. valuable source of antioxidant vitamins, minerals and nutrients, it neutralizes the free radicals responsible for aging and strengthens the skin's natural defences. The Penederm ensures dissemination of assets, notably of the micro-nutrients throughout the day and continuous hydration. The system filter (protection SPF15) covers a broad spectrum UVA and UVB RAYS.

Enriched with a solar protection SPF15, it protects the skin throughout the day against environmental aggressions.

Delicious and fruity, cream velvet Hydra-E nergisante SPF15 dry skin immediately brings comfort, brightness and brilliance

This treatment is specially designed for dry skin

care is designed for dry skin skin is radiant 97% * skin is comfortable to 94% * skin is moisturized 90% * * skin is protected at 87% * skin is energized to 84% *

* % satisfaction - test use on 31 (average age 33 years) women, with dry skin and having applied cream velvet Hydra - energizing SPF 15 for 21 days * hydration of the upper layers of the skin

operating tips: think privacy! and very early! For more energy and brightness, adopt good hygiene of life: balanced and varied diet, physical exercises, hours of sleep followed. Avoid alcohol and tobacco.

Apply the cream on the face and neck morning.

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