Galénic Confort Supreme Make-Up Remover Oil 100ml

Makeup remover to cleanse the face and eyes perfectly. 

Manufacturer: Galénic

SKU: 7010965


Galénic Supreme Facial Cleansing Oil is a care for daily facial hygiene.

Ideal for gently removing all types of makeup and any impurities.  Rich in argan oil , this oil effectively nourishes and protects the cutaneous barrier

Its gel texture is ultra light. It turns the oil into a smooth milk at the touch of water, subsequently keeping the skin soft and perfectly clean.


Cleansing oil for the face and eyes.

Directions for use

Apply a small amount to the face and eyes.
Massage gently and moisten your hands.
Rinse with water to finish cleaning.
Pharmacists recommend moisturizing the skin after makeup removal at night so that the cream acts throughout the night.


Bottle 100ml.