Futuro Coudiere Anti-epicondylitis flesh S

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Coudiere anti-epicondylites Futuro has been developed in order to relieve the pain that can cause:

  • the someone or elbow, lateral epicondylitis
  • the golf elbow, or medial epicondylitis.
  • tendonitis,
  • inflammation in the elbow.

To do this, it has compression pads, but also an adjustment strap for a firm support of the bandage.

Most of this prdouit?

  • The soft material with which it was made, which guarantee maximum comfort.
  • Ease of use: she slips on and retired easily, both on the right arm than left.


Coudiere flesh color of size S.

Directions for use:

Drag the bandage on the elbow and position it so that the compression pads rest on top and the underside of the forearm.Tighten the strap around the forearm, for good support.


33% elastodiene, 23% cotton, 23% nylon, 18% polyester, 3% elastanne.Contains natural rubber latex.


1 coudiere.