Futuro Bracelet Anti-epicondylitis wrenches

Bracelet which reduces pain in the forearm during movements that require a strong shooting fingers (tennis, DIY,...).

Manufacturer: Futuro

SKU: 2157450


The bracelet anti-epicondylite wrenches Futuro was designed to relieve the forearm and elbow, pain caused by a lateral epicondylitis (someone) or median (golf-elbow), tendonitis or swelling.

This accessory should its effectiveness to:

  • the constant pressure it exerts on the tendon of the elbow, with its precise clamping system,
  • a pad, which brings a slight compression, lol vibrations and support the tendon.

The most?

  • The bracelet is simple to put on.
  • It fits easily under or on clothing.

Note: it should be to the right or the left arm.


Anti-epicondylite.. .next to the bracelet.Adjustable turn to elbow between 17.8 and 35.6 cm.

Directions for use:

Thread the strap and tighten the strap. By turning the wheel clamp, adjust the pressure exerted by the pad.

Wash by hand, up to 30 ° C.Do not use bleach, do not put in the dryer and not iron do not dry clean.


Natural latex.


1 bracelet, color gray.